A professional, motivating and absolutely brilliant team. Elias Agency helped us build our brand and marketing strategy with ease and with in our budget. We we're fascinated by the results. Will definitely hire Elias Agency again! 

Erik Helmer - Marketing Director at Printly


Our digital marketing agents spend most of their days headhunting unique and creative digital marketers. Our power comes from our vast network. We meet people on a daily basis with something new and innovating to bring to the table. Our focus lies in extracting our teams talent and truly letting them shine through that talent. We make sure that the talent has the tools and mindset they need to become even greater than they already are. 

We assure you our team can deliver

We have connected companies and organisations with our team of digital marketers for many years. We provide a team with expertise within branding, graphic design, app & webb development and much more.


To make sure our team can deliver what is promised to the customer we make various pre-works and put our team through continues training.

To make it simple

We find and represent people with talent.


We then convey their talent to companies, organisations and production companies who are in need of the client's talent.

The convenience of having everything in one place is the number one reason to why companies and organisations choose Elias Agency. 


Many companies that requests our services don't just hire us for one task. They are usually in need of brand development to improve their branding. Then they hire graphic designers to design what the brand developers has planned. They might also need a film team and actors to make a TV ad. Before they launch the TV ad they will also need a marketing strategy to make sure they spend their budget wisely.


Most companies should ask themselves: Why search for talents at different places when we already have the best talents in one place. 

Let's put a team together for your every need!

What are you looking for?

Let us know below and one of our agents will get back to you with a solution.

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