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 Our music department represents some of the best music talents in the business. We have a   program where we look at the talents general ear for music, how well they play different nessesry   instruments, sings, raps and a lot more but we also look at how they are as people. We only   represent artists we know are easy and joyful to work with both for us and for people who would   potentially hire our clients. 

 To us at Elias Agency it's important that all our clients are down to earth people and understands   the power of team work. 

 We represent artists like music producers, song writers, DJ:s and a lot more creative talents. If   you're looking for artists feel free to contact us for a free of charge consultation of what Elias   Agency can do for you. 

 Contact support@houseelias.com  |  Västberga Allé 1, 126 30 Stockholm, Sweden 

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