We love talent! And we really appreciate all talents that show interest in our agency. We get many applications from talents every month and just to be clear we truly do look at all applications. However, because we are short on staff and time, we are not able to reply to everyone. We want to represent as many great and extraordinary talents as possible but sadly we can't represent everyone.


Here is a little run by on how we look at your CV and showreel:

When you send us your CV and showreel we take a very close look at your experience, your education and your specific skills and looks.


First step in our process is always to match you with our current client portfolio. If we find that your skills and looks are similar to an already represented talent we will, sadly, turn you down. Please note that this isn't because you are not good enough or that you don't fit our criteria. 

Second step is to analyze the business perspective of things. Do you have, on paper, enough to actually generate revenue for yourself and the agency. This is, as you probably understand, a vital part of our business model. We need revenue generating clients to survive and thus, if we conclude that you will be a hard sell, we will not see a partnership in place. This can be because of lack of experience, education or material. What ever the reason, we always recommend to keep fighting and perhaps, if you keep working hard enough, your circumstances will change. Again, please note that it doesn't mean you don't have talent. All it means is that right now the time isen't right.

Once you pass our second step one of our agents will reach out to you for an audition and/or introduction meeting.

As a final note on our end: We truly appreciate you as an individual and we wish everyone a bright future with lots of success and we apologize in advance if we would get back to you with unwanted answers.


Over the years we have received hundreds and hundreds of applications from amazing talents all over the world. As mentioned before we simply can't represent everyone but at the same time we felt a need to save those applications that stood out but, for what ever reason, didn't make it to our client portfolio. So instead of simply removing the excess applications we decided to gather all those unique talents in a gathered database that we can access when casting directors and productions companies are looking for talent that we might not represent.

If we find that an application stands out we will reach out and ask for approval to create a profile in our database. To be in our database is free of charge and you will be in the database for as long as you want. When you are of interest to a production company and you get the job we will charge you representation fee, similar to our agents fees that we charge our represented clients but only for that specific job. So to make it simple: If you make money as a result of being in our database we will charge you a percentage of the income. Simply a win-win situation for everyone. You can ask to be removed, update your profile and request information we have on you when ever you like.

Since we handpick a selected few that we want to keep in our database there is no way for you as a talent to ask to be included in our database. We handpick based on skill, looks, education and experience. Our aim is to only recommend the best talents possible.

With that said please don't hesitate to send us your CV and showreel and hopefully we will have a long and productive partnership.

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